Stories For The Moons
by Harry MacCormack

Kokopelli For President
by Harry MacCormack

Sweet Sam
by Harry MacCormack

The Morning Star Sutra & The Evening Star Sutra
by Harry MacCormack

Four Stories for the Winter Solstice & The Day Christmas Became
by Harry MacCormack

Fields of grain are flanked by Mary's Peak and the Coast Range

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About Sunbow Farm!

Sunbow Farm was established by Harry MacCormack in 1972 as an intentional organic market garden operation. Four miles west of the university city of Corvallis, the farm overlooks the coast range and receives daily moderating weather from the Pacific Ocean fifty miles further west. The farm is a complex of living structures, 6 greenhouse/grow tunnels, shade houses, several barns, and the cob/rammed earth education center and bath house. Four wells feed pristine water to all life on the property.

Sunbow Medicine Hut

Sunbow was for a time the only organic farm in this community. Even in those days it served as an educational base for the curious. The protein base was at that time a goat dairy. During the late 70's and early 80's Sunbow became internationally famous as a Soy Dairy farm, providing 1500 pounds of tofu, burgers, and soy milk a week to the Corvallis community. The left over okara and whey were used to make wonderful compost. During that period Harry was instrumental in starting three farmer's markets. He also wrote The Standards and Guidelines For Organic Agriculture, which became the basis for Tilth Certification and other certification programs both in this country and abroad. The produce part of the farm grew as farmer's markets expanded and the demand for organic fresh foods rose. For over 30 years many market crops have been trialed at Sunbow before going to other farms. The last few seasons the farm has worked closely with Soil Foodweb Inc. as a research base for some of its investigations and measurements on compost and compost tea as applied to market garden crops and vineyards.

Concord Grapes at Sunbow Farm

Sunbow has always been an island of alternative reality in a society tugged by upward mobility and financial gain regardless of consequences. Harry's work with spiritual teachers Ida Mock/Iko-ak-hale-ata, Heart Warrior Chosa, Hyemeyhosts Storm, and Raymound White Feathers, has provided a metaphysical backdrop for learning on this land that was for centuries inhabited by Kalapula people. Here it is clear that the farm and all life are our primary teachers. In that sense the farm is a life promoting lab.

The Institute of BioWisdom is designed to give students a crash course on all that has been developed over the years at Sunbow. Now that Harry is retired from his simultaneous career of 30 years at Oregon State University and from his other simultaneous positions of Executive Director and Research and Education Director of Oregon Tilth, he has time to focus on passing of teachings to others. With a staff of long time professional friends, each of whom has contributed all kinds of creative direction to the rebuilding of society, the farm and the Institute provide the infrastructure for what amounts to an organic boot camp.