Stories For The Moons
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Kokopelli For President
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Sweet Sam
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The Morning Star Sutra & The Evening Star Sutra
by Harry MacCormack

Four Stories for the Winter Solstice & The Day Christmas Became
by Harry MacCormack

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collardsSunbow Farm Collards
(Winter, 2006)

Compost and Compost Tea

We have small quantities of high quality thermal compost and vermi compost available for sale.

We sell Keep It Simple Compost Tea Brewers.

The 5 gallon K.I.S. Brewer kit is great for home gardeners, greenhouse work, and research. K.I.S. brewers are engineered to pull from high quality compost all the available bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes. This brewer makes finished very high quality tea in 12 hours.The kit comes with compost and food for three brews and an instruction manual. Call for current price

K.I.S. 28 gallon commercial scale brewer: We use this one all the time on our 15 acre produce operation. Using only 5 Lbs of high quality compost we can cover acres per brew. Very easy to clean. Long lasting parts.

K.I.S. 50 gallon, 100 gallon, and stainless steel 500 gallon brewers are available, using the same successful but simple engineering, giving very high quality teas.

To order compost or brewers phone 541-929-5782 or write

We also have compost/food kits available when you use up what's in the box.

For the latest research information on compost and compost tea see or the International Compost Tea Council web site.