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Cosmic Influences on Agricultural Processes

by Harry MacCormack

"One day, decades ago, I wandered upon Harry MacCormack's Sunbow Farm, which became the fertile ground from which I launched my own agricultural endeavors, as it has been for many since then and before me.

For those who have in current lifetimes engaged in fascination of the immensity and beauty of the Natural world, Harry MacCormack's book, Cosmic Influences On Agricultural Processes, is certain to be a good read.

For anyone that has peered up at a clear and unobstructed view of the nighttime sky it is not a question of how could there be cosmic influences on agricultural processes. It is more of a question of how could there not be? Understanding how these influences happen is this book's purpose."

- Jim Fullmer
Executive Director
Demeter In the USA

“In his fascinating new book, Cosmic Influences of Agricultural Processes, Harry MacCormack appraises natural frequencies, large and small, through the lens of modern science and the lore of ancient and indigenous cultures.” - Dan Armstrong

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