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tomatoesPicking Tomatoes
(Summer, 2007)

Durable Food Systems

Sustaining our current food and production practices will not be possible in the very near future. We are nearing the time of the end of inexpensive and easily available petroleum fuels and products. These fuels and products (such as fertilizers and pesticides) will shortly be part of human history. That ending will necessitate a huge change in the way people live their lives.

Durable food systems are biological. They rely on our trust in All Our Relations, all living organisms, particularly soil microorganisms. Their durability is carefully built and maintained by humans who fully understand our interactive capabilities. Like any other creation, durable systems are set up to last through various planetary and cosmic conditions, economic and social turnings, generation after generation. Durability is intentional and as a goal recognizes that it is decision making which builds flexibility into food production systems that have longevity.