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Kokopelli For President

A Novel and a Primal Polity for the 21st Century

by Harry MacCormack

Excerpts from Kokopelli For President . . .

"The sensation of primordial delight is Nature itself. It is absolute. In contrasting the Presidential campaigns of the dominant culture with the Kokopelli campaign, the most obvious difference is that we are having fun, embracing sensual delight, focused on a future of total enjoyment of the relationships possible with All Our Relations. We are the drums of diverse cultures dancing together."

". . . Life Work is never drudgery. It is never dreaded. It is life's dance, filled with delight and enjoyment. It is your unfolding into the world. Most people never get to do more than dream their life work, because the dominant corporate-military must have a "work force," colonized humans whose daily tasks keep the wealthy in power, making throw-away objects made possible by relatively cheap oil-gas-coal. Lack of job generation is about a society set up to manufacture itself into destruction."

"Education as a dominant cultural term means training to speak the languages of domination, continuing the stories of domination by humans over all other life, being indoctrinated into Corporate-Military consciousness as the basis of what is acceptable, what is civilized.

"Everyone, every being exists, learns, and feels the collective dance daily by caring for everyone else. Sickness is a sign of skewed alignment. This statement is as true for humans as it is for plants."

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