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cornDelicious, Nutritious
Corn Varieties
(Summer, 2007)


Harry lectures on nutrition as one part of the Institute of BioWisdom class schedule. Why?

The final outcome of all our organic practices and localizing of food production should be foods that provide the basis for human health and wellbeing. But nutrition is complex. It is not only our diet of foods that brings about health. Like plants we are eating daily diets of light, water, air, usually without intention. We are subjecting our cells and molecular-level structure to energy patterns from electrical systems, background urban noise, etc., all of which alter the ways our cells make use of other foods.

Nutrition is really about human awareness of intake. In the Institute nutrition class we will deal with minerals, vitamins, and much more. Ultimately, with this kind of knowledge it is up to each individual to make careful choices in order to live a healthy life.