Stories For The Moons
by Harry MacCormack

Kokopelli For President
by Harry MacCormack

Sweet Sam
by Harry MacCormack

The Morning Star Sutra & The Evening Star Sutra
by Harry MacCormack

Four Stories for the Winter Solstice & The Day Christmas Became
by Harry MacCormack

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Books by Harry MacCormack

General Works

Sunbow Publications, $12

Sunbow Publications, $10.95

Sunbow Publications, $15.95

THE TRILOGY: A Catechism for the Children of De-light, The Transition Document, and Cosmic Influences on Agricultural Processes
Sunbow Publications, $50.00
save $10.85 when you purchase all three books together!

Sunbow Publications, $15.95

Sunbow Publications, $29.95

Metaphysics, deep ecology, total energy body awareness, Touchstone Adventures, $14.95

Sunbow Publications, $14.95

Sunbow Publications, $14.95

a 700 page manuscript of animal people stories, interpretive teachings and drawings, an introduction making the case for indigenous literature as basic to all American Literature $50

basic alternative nutrition with a whole paradigm shift around how we eat. $25

used to identify through story/ceremony the energies unique to each of the 13 moons. With color drawings by Dirk Lee. $35


Mellen, $15

Mellen $15

An Epic for the post W.W.II Generation , Mellen, $15

a prophetic tirade for the 21st century, Mellen, $35

published by Pegastian in 1970, long out of print, but available on Amazon Unpublished, available on request.

Other Authors

The Common Thread That Binds Us - The Wisdom of Diversity & Inclusion by Kenneth Little Hawk and Beverly Miller is a collection of Native American stories, inspirational quotes, and photos that celebrate diversity and inclusion... the fact that we are all connected and that we truly are one big, human family. In addition to the positive message of respect for all people and taking care of the Earth, the book features an amazing photo collection of Native American culture in the early 20th century.
"The message is that all life is related and we must live in harmony with Nature and other people. This truth must be told to each generation so they, in turn, will teach their children the truth. Little Hawk hopes to leave people with the knowledge that they can make choices to live in harmony with one another and the environment. We are all related. What affects one, affects us all. We are all related." - Kenneth Little Hawk
Kenneth Little Hawk is an internationally reknowned inspirational speaker. Being Mi'kmaq and Mohawk, he is able to illustrate how Native American culture broadens the Diversity and Inclusion topic to encompass not only the choices we make to live in harmony with one another, but the choices we must make to live in harmony with our environment. For Native Americans, storytelling is an important tool for teaching responsibility, respect, and how to live in a good way. Little Hawk's stories teach that most of life's challenges can be overcome and that we need to share our good-heartedness with all people because we are ALL related. All the Little Hawk stories and live performances have been co-created and co-produced by Little Hawk and his wife, Beverly Miller. As a creative team that has successfully worked together for over 30 years, Beverly and Little Hawk have produced hundreds of inspiring shows for corporations, museums, schools, and the federal government: A total of more than three million people all over the world. Visit

CHAIN OF SOULS (A Novel) by Dan Armstrong
It's the first year of India's independence from England. The creation of two nations, India for the Hindus, Pakistan for the Muslims, has become a nightmare of ethnic clashes and terrorism. Just as the violence is showing signs of easing, Gandhi is assassinated. With the entire subcontinent teetering on the edge of chaos, Roger Taylor, an American working for the British intelligence service, is called on to defuse a series of death fasts protesting the partition of India–something that can only add tension to an already volatile situation. When the hardboiled Taylor arrives in the sacred city of Haridwar to confront the protesters, he encounters a woman who completely disarms him with her goodwill and depth of spirit. What begins as a political mission for Taylor unexpectedly becomes a life-changing glimpse into the workings of the wheel of life and death.

PRAIRIE FIRE (A Novel) by Dan Armstrong
It's a few years from now, and the human and environmental costs of industrial farming have finally caught up with America's family farmers. Instead of throwing in the hoe, farmers across the Heartland rise up against the combine, threatening to burn their crops rather than continue the petrochemical assault on the land.

When a warm winter cuts deeply into the Himalayan snowpack, water shortages stress all of Asia, but in no place is the situation more problematic than at China's Three Gorges Dam.

PUDDLE OF LOVE (A Novel) by Dan Armstrong
At times comic, at times desperately serious, this psycho-thriller pushes the edge with a haunting grope into human sexuality. No holds barred pulp fiction with a dark Freudian twist

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