Stories For The Moons
by Harry MacCormack

Kokopelli For President
by Harry MacCormack

Sweet Sam
by Harry MacCormack

The Morning Star Sutra & The Evening Star Sutra
by Harry MacCormack

Four Stories for the Winter Solstice & The Day Christmas Became
by Harry MacCormack

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collardsSunbow Farm Collards
(Winter, 2006)

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Stories For The Moons

as told by
Raymound White Feathers
& Heart Warrior Chosa
shared in written form
by Harry MacCormack
with Illustrations
by Dirk Lee

From the back cover of Stories For The Moons . . .

"From darkness comes light. From stories shared around inner fires comes illumination. The stories in this volume came through Harry MacCormack’s listening long ago.

"Harry relearned indigenous storytelling ways with his teachers, Raymound White Feathers, Hyemeyhosts Storm, and Iko-ak-nale-ata (Ida Mock)."

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