Traces on Tracks
by Harry MacCormack

Kokopelli For President
by Harry MacCormack

Sweet Sam
by Harry MacCormack

The Morning Star Sutra & The Evening Star Sutra
by Harry MacCormack

Four Stories for the Winter Solstice & The Day Christmas Became
by Harry MacCormack

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(Winter, 2006)

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Traces on Tracks

Early Collected Poems of Harry MacCormack

From the Author's Introduction:

"My first title for this collection was simply Tracks. While working on my book 'Cosmic Influences on Agricultural Processes' in 2010 I realized that yes, a collection of years of poetry is tracks, or as my partner Cheri Clark says, "a kind of autobiography.' But poems are more: They are not a historic or "real" event; rather they are vestiges triggered by the inner experiences related by that event. Poems are like particles in an accelerator, or in the universe, neither materially manifested nor merely wave energy. They have spoken or printed reality as Traces that may last a moment, a generation, or as long as libraries keep collections of poetry."

Harry's expertise in both literary and agricultural arts and his work with indigenous Americans, in addition to farming, began as an odyssey over 50-years ago. That voyage's beginnings are chronicled in Traces on Tracks. As an odyssey the events, such as opposition to the "war" in Viet Nam, are both an individual and a social journey.

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