Stories For The Moons
by Harry MacCormack

Kokopelli For President
by Harry MacCormack

Sweet Sam
by Harry MacCormack

The Morning Star Sutra & The Evening Star Sutra
by Harry MacCormack

Four Stories for the Winter Solstice & The Day Christmas Became
by Harry MacCormack

grapesSunbow Farm Grapes
(Summer, 2007)


Sunbow Farm workshops are designed to provide you with skills to ease the transition during this time of the end of cheap petroleum living. The topics form an integrated knowledge base which, when set into practice, will feed you and all your relationships with a sense of total well-being.

Nana Cardoon Urban Farm & Learning Center
Presents a Full Series of Classes in 2015
Taught by Harry MacCormack


What: Harry MacCormack will teach insightful and informative classes on soil, water, composts, and much more at Nana Cardoon Urban Farm and Learning Center, Forest Grove, Oregon. In addition, special Garden Dinners have been scheduled to gather students around the table after a day of learning. Ask Charlene about these dinners when you register.

When: Each class will be from 10 am to 3 pm on date listed

Cost: $50 each class, including a vegetarian lunch and beverages

Registration or information, contact Charlene at:
    Phone:   (503) 357-4992     8 a.m.-5 p.m., Pacific Standard Time

At the time of registration a receipt and map will be provided. Charlene will describe the class offering and things you’d like to bring such as gardening tools or boots if it’s going to be muddy.
      Payment may be made by debit or credit card, check or cash. If you find yourself unable to attend an event, you may offer your registration to someone else. However, we are unable to refund fees and all payments are final.

Harry MacCormack has lived his life as a farmer, activist, philosopher, and poet. He is the author of 16 novels, poetry and hands-in-the-soil organic farming publications. He co-founded Oregon Tilth, serving as its first Executive Director. Corvallis-based Sunbow Farm was started in 1972 where he has taught the principles of growing fruits and vegetables with, as he describes, intense flavor and nutrition. He currently serves on the Board of Ten Rivers Food Web and a multitude of food policy organizations.
His story is so fascinating we suggest you visit Check out the Welcome page, then click on both "How We're Different" and "Harry's Bio". 

2015 Class List

LIVING SOILS: Understanding Biology, Chemistry and
Subtle Energies for Production of Nutrient Dense Foods  |  March 14

Harry's grasp of the complexities of these topics were first unveiled in his classic book “The Transition Document: Toward a Biologically Resilient Agriculture” (4th edition (2010) which contains several chapters relevant to this workshop.
This workshop covers in 4 hours what it takes sometimes days to cover in other Soil Food Web oriented workshops. The material is essential to understanding how and why the dominant NPK paradigm and synthetic chemical practices work against a durable agricultural future. The microherd is our ally as we move away from inexpensive petroleum inputs. Cutting edge information is unique and guides informed organic and biodynamic practices. Soil tests showing the success of these techniques will be shared. Harry continues to promote what is still considered too controversial by those who embrace the conventional, even as that thinking is practiced in much of organic agriculture.

Optional Garden Dinner with Harry MacCormack*



Practitioner of cosmic timing and other awareness in 43 years of gardening and farming, author of many articles for Llewellyn Publishing and others on these topics. This class will deal with the elements in Harry's book: “Cosmic Influences on Agricultural Processes.” This workshop has been well received as it leads your understanding through and beyond systems promoted by popular planting calendars.

Workshop Focuses:


WATER: Water Quality in Farming, Gardening, Products and Bodies  |  April 12

Harry and Cheri became very concerned about water back in the 1970’s. That concern prompted Harry to push for water quality testing as the Organic Standards were being written. It has guided much of Cheri’s research on water and health. This class will give you a knowledge of the importance and issues and techniques involved as water becomes food.

     . What is water?
     . What can water do for you?
     . Nutrients in water
     . Water quality in farming, gardening, products and bodies
     . Irrigation : Delivery systems
     . Dry farming and gardening
     . Ionizers, pumps, heaters, etc.
     . Rain water systems



Harry is one of three authors and petitioners of the Benton County Local Foods Ordinance. The basis of the ordinance,
what it took to get this ordinance on the May 2015 ballot, three years of experience with the do’s and don’ts of organizing a community will be shared. The intent of this workshop is to support work going on in Washington and Yamhill counties, while getting you up to speed how to protect our local foods.

      . What is a Local Food System?
      . What problems could limit or destroy that system?
      . The box of allowable remedies
      . What is a local ordinance and why is it necessary?
      . What gives power to a LFS ordinance?
      . How to organize around an LFS ordinance
      . Getting the ordinance through the State and Local systems
      . Setting up a campaign
      . The long haul: Defending the ordinance



Harry is owner/operator of Sunbow Farm and has written and lectured internationally on these topics. He has extensive experience in making the products he uses. This popular workshop is a practical and hands-on introduction to the complexities of the Soil Food Web paradigm. Science for non-scientists, our approach leaves you with basic information and techniques. Essential information for gardeners or farmers.

Workshop Focuses:


BEAN, GRAIN & EDIBLE SEEDS: Homestead Scale  |  July 11

Harry has been working with grains, beans, and seeds on a homestead scale for 43 years. During the past 8 years the research plots at Sunbow Farm have been a large part of the drive to create the Southern Willamette Valley Bean and Grain Project. Some of the plot plantings have included black, pinto, soy, lentil, red and garbanzo beans, over-wintering peas, 3 rye varieties, 2 triticale varieties, 4 wheat varieties, 2 varieties of quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and sunflower and will all be demonstrated during this workshop.

Workshop Focuses:

Optional Garden Dinner with Harry MacCormack*


SEED SAVING  |  July 12

Harry MacCormack and Sunbow Farm have been saving seed from many varieties of plants for 4 decades. Homestead scale seed saving is challenging and fun. This class will cover what he has learned.

Workshop Focuses:


This workshop will show you how to make the most out of whatever garden or small farm space you have available for food production. Tips are geared for survival during eight to nine months of low light levels and cooler weather patterns.
Workshop Focuses:
     .   -Natural cycles and storage quality
     .   -When to harvest for best quality
     .   -Storage infrastructure
     .   -Storage tips for onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, beets,
           turnip family, apples, pears, quince, cabbage, late tomato,
           pepper, tomatillo
     .   -Dry beans, peas
     .   -Dry grains, corn, seeds
     .   -Tips on freezing, canning, pickling, drying
     .   -Fall/Winter fresh produce: How to get the most over a
           6-8 month period


NUTRITION: Feeding Our Cells  |  September 13

Based on Harry’s out of print book My People Are Hungry and subsequent information in the 4th edition of his book The Transition Document, this class will explore what we can and can’t expect from the foods of our gardens and farms.

Workshop Focuses:
     . – Nutrient Density; what is it?
     . – How can Nutrient Density be measured?
     . – Minerals, health and disease
     . – Vitamins, plant
     . -  Amino acids/ proteins
     . -  Designing a nutrient dense garden
     . -  Harvest, preservation, processing and nutrient losses
     . -  Nutrient absorption/ bio activation
     . -  Biogenic vs. biocidic
     . – Nutrition and food safety concerns



Harry understands the issues facing farmers regarding the transfer of farms and homesteads to the next generation. This workshop will explore these issues and help prepare for the future.  


Optional Garden Dinner with Harry MacCormack*

Harry's work with Ten Rivers Food Web helping individuals and groups use lawns and neighborhoods to create an organized food source prompts this class. Harry has consulted with many who have transitioned yards to food sheds. He will also lay out some principles for organizing a food community within neighborhoods.

Workshop Focuses:
Design: (please bring a map of your yard or larger property to use in this class)

Strategies for creation and management



*Garden Dinners  |  Saturday, March 14th  |  Saturday, July 11th  |  Saturday, October 10th

Certain Saturdays we'll be offering dinners in the garden early evening a few hours after class. For $50 per person you'll share the garden table with fellow students digging in to five courses including beverages. Many, if not most, of the ingredients are grown on the farm or harvested nearby.

6:30 p.m. Appetizers and Relaxed Conversation around the Fire Pit

Crackers, Crostini or Breadsticks - house-made
Mission Variety Green Olives - house-cured
Savory Bean Spreads - farm-grown garbanzos, borlotti beans, fava beans or other varieties

At the Table- Served Family Style

Seasonal Salad of Foraged Greens dressed with extra-virgin olive oil, house vinegar and herbs

Fish or Chicken- locally-raised or harvested OR Vegetarian Entree
Vegetables - the best of the season prepared as inspired that day

Cheese Course accompanied by Fresh Fruit, Fruit Pastes and Nuts
yes, all house made or harvested, even the cheese itself !

Dessert - the best of the season prepared as inspired that day


Wine, Beer or Hard Cider
Fruit Shrubs, Coffee, Tea

Garden Dinner dates we're scheduling for 2015 complement Harry's classes and are special events open only to those who take his class that day. Please let Charlene know of your interest at time of registration.